What is SSPA?

Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association is a non-profit membership organization founded in May 2013 with the primary goal of promoting and supporting pickleball in Steamboat Springs.  After supporting the creation of dedicated outdoor courts at the Tennis & Pickleball Center of Steamboat, our next goal is to develop dedicated indoor courts for year-round play.  

Starting with a small group of pickleball enthusiasts over 10 years ago, we have grown to annual membership of nearly 500. Public courts are located at the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center of Steamboat Springs, Colorado with both open and private play available. First-timer clinics are offered regularly under the guidance of a pickleball professional to provide newcomers with the basics of the game: a fun, fast-paced sport for all age groups -- great for family participation.  

SSPA is an independent organization, not part of the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center, although they generously offer benefits to our members.

Where to Play in Steamboat Springs?

Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center

(offers discounts to SSPA members)

Howelsen Hill Courts


4 courts

(must bring your own nets)


CS4L is Court Sports 4 Life, a non-profit organization that oversees both the capital campaign to expand the Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center and its operations

STPC is the Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center which maintains, houses and rents time on the public tennis and pickleball courts (Indoors and Outdoors), offers professional instruction and camps, tournaments and retail sales

STA is the non-profit Steamboat Tennis Association, under the direction of a volunteer board,  whose goal is to promote youth tennis

SSPA is the non-profit Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association, under the direction of a volunteer board, whose mission is to promote the sport of pickleball for all age groups.  


July 4th Parade 2022

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SSPA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 881242, Steamboat Springs, CO 80488

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