Open Play Schedule

Indoor Open Play

Tuesday            6 - 8 PM

  Wednesday      9 - 11 AM

Friday                3 - 5 PM

Saturday           9 - noon

 Sunday              9 - noon 

Fees for open play: $8 for SSPA members; $12 for non-members


Open Play Information

Open Play Concept

Open Play Concept

Open Play Concept

Open to all players who have learned the basics of the game, both member and non-member.  Enjoy the opportunity to meet new players, renew acquaintances  and improve your game.   Open play is managed by the Tennis & Pickleball Center staff and organized by skill level (links explaining skill levels can be viewed on the Open Play Schedule or in the FAQs below)

Weather Notices

Open Play Concept

Open Play Concept

To join the notification group, text 'dinkme' to 84483.  Tennis & Pickleball Center staff will notify everyone in the group of bad weather conditions which may result in having to cancel a session or (if possible) relocate play indoors.


Open Play Concept


Fees are for each open play session.

Members fees: $8 per session

Non-members: $12 per session


Which group is right for me?


Avoid crossing active play on any court.  If your group finishes play on an inner court, ask the group in the outer court to slide over which allows the new players easy access to an outer court without disturbing others.  Outdoors: use the gates on the outer perimeter to access outer courts whenever possible. 

Indoors: use space behind back-court curtains.

ALWAYS remove stray pickleballs from the court area to avoid accidents.  Pockets are good places for them.  

Which group is right for me?

Which group is right for me?

Which group is right for me?

If you have learned the basics or play elsewhere and are visiting, improve your skills in open play.  Join in a skill group that meets your comfort level.  If you are consistently playing better or worse than others in the group, consider moving to a different skill level.  Place your paddles in one of the racks (casual or competitive) in sequence to play in the next available court.   Players wanting to play together should stack their paddles in one pile.


Which group is right for me?

Which group is right for me?

Parking is available onsite at the Tennis & Pickleball Center or (in summer) the Meadows parking lot to the north (closest to the outdoor pickleball courts).  The Meadows lot is preferable (in summer) when there are simultaneous sports events in the ball fields next to the Tennis Center.  


First Timers Clinic: Learn the basics of the game: playing with a partner; rules; scoring; strategy


  • Beginners and First-Timers Drill & Play (3.0):  Tuesdays 10:30 - noon.  $20
  • Intermediate Skills Clinic (3.5+) Thursdays 10 - 11:30, $20
  • Call 970-879-8400 to sign up for weekly clinics.


First-Timers Clinic Registration

First Timers Clinic Membership Offer

A discounted SSPA membership is available to participants in the SSPA-sponsored First-Timers Clinic.  Click here for details.

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Group/Private Lessons

Lessons from pickleball instructor Sean Pummill are available by contacting him at 

 719-239-4862 or


What is my skill level?

A:  Check out descriptions from the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) and the IFP (International Federation of Pickleball)

Q: How can I reserve a court for private play?

A:  Call (970) 879-8400.  Reservations may be made 7 days in advance.



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